Do More Good

I am not posting this because I want to brag about something I did today. I am posting this because I truly believe we need to do more good in this world, regardless of how late it might make us or what’s going on in our lives.

This morning, as I was driving to the GO station, I noticed an elderly man hunched over at a TTC bus stop. As I got closer, I kept looking at him to see if he was moving because he seemed frozen or stuck. He was probably in his 70’s or older, had a cane, and looked kind of pale.

I pulled over, got out of my car, walked over to him, and asked him if everything was okay. He told me that he was having trouble sitting down on the bench and that he was stuck. A wheelchair was outside the bus shelter and I asked him if it was his. He said yes and I asked him if he wanted to sit on that instead. He informed me that the wheel on his wheelchair was broken or messed up.

I looked at the tire and part of the tire was off the hub/rim/whatever it’s called. I fixed it and I asked him if he now wanted to sit back down on the wheelchair. He did and I helped him from his half seated position into his wheelchair.

A TTC bus pulled up shortly thereafter and I asked him if he needed to get on it. He replied no and assured me that he was waiting for a ride. He thanked me and I confirmed one last time that everything was okay now.

We don’t need to know that the things that we do, like holding the door for someone, helping someone with something, or even saying hello, make a difference in someone’s life. We don’t and we can’t ever know the result of all of our actions. However, knowing that there’s people out there that can and will help is what makes all the difference in the world.

Appreciating your presence is different from recognizing your existence

For them to see you shine, you must stay far away, for you
are just like the sun; when you’re too close, your light makes them blind. And when you’re too far, they see you. So let them seek you. They’re getting your light regardless, but appreciating your presence is different from recognizing your existence. If they don’t appreciate your presence, they may never even recognize your absence.

– Najwa Zebian

Good hearts

Here’s the thing about people with good hearts. They give you excuses when you don’t explain yourself. They accept apologies you don’t give. They see the best in you when you don’t need them to. At your worst, they lift you up, even if it means putting their priorities aside. The word “busy” does not exist in their dictionary. They make time, even when you don’t. And you wonder why they’re the most sensitive people. You wonder why they’re the most caring people. You wonder why they are willing to give so much of themselves with no expectation in return. You wonder why their existence is not so essential to your well-being. It’s because they don’t make you work hard for the attention they give you. They accept the love they think they’ve earned and you accepted the love you think you’re entitled to. Let me tell you something. Fear the day when a good heart gives up on you. Our skies don’t become grey out of no where. Our sunshine does not allow the darkness to take over for no reason. A heart does not turn cold unless it’s been treated with coldness for a while.

– Najwa Zebian

My Trigger Point Warranty Experience

Product: Trigger Point – Grid X Foam Roller
Problem: Crack in plastic
Resolution time: 9 business days; January 3, 2017 – January 16, 2017

January 3, 2017 – Crack in plastic

I noticed that my Grid X Foam Roller had a crack in the inner plastic tube since it made a weird sound whenever I would use it. Off I went to their website to see what their warranty procedure was. I first went onto the Grid X’s product page that lists their Customer Service e-mail as: but that e-mail bounces whenever you send that address an e-mail.

One Year Limited Guarantee: TriggerPoint warrants that all of the products we manufacture will be free of defects for up to one year from the original date of purchase. This does not include or cover damage caused by transit, accident, normal wear and tear or lost merchandise. Product must be purchased through TriggerPoint, directly, or from an authorized reseller. If, within one year of purchase you feel you may have received a defective item, please contact our Customer Service Department for a Return Authorization # to ensure that your issue is resolved in a timely manner. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer and will not be paid by TriggerPoint. Customer Service is available Monday – Friday, 9 am to 6 pm Central Standard Time at 512-300-2804 or Please call with any questions.

The correct e-mail that should be used for Warranty/Customer Service issues is listed on their Contact Us page and it currently is:

January 4

A customer service representative replies and she informs me that Trigger Point products have a one year warranty and that I would need to send in the cracked foam roller to their facility in order to receive a replacement. I sent the CSR a reply asking if they had a Canadian address for me to send the foam roller since the shipping cost would be about $20 via Canada Post. I also purchased the foam roller less than a year ago for $20 so it doesn’t really make sense for me to pay an additional $20 to get a replacement one.

January 5

The CSR informs me that they do not have any Canadian facilities and that she apologizes for not realizing that I was in Canada since “we cannot ship replacements outside of the United States.” She then asks me if I have checked with Amazon to see if I can make an exchange.

What a rather strange request. I don’t think Amazon will ever exchange items for a company past 30 days and this has already been 11 months.

Anyway, I reply back to the CSR stating the above statement and she happily offers to send a replacement to me provided that I include photos of the crack for their records. I oblige and send over my shipping details.

January 16

I wasn’t expecting anything in the mail but a box was dropped off at my house with a new Grid X foam roller. Note that I did not receive any e-mails from the CSR to state that the foam roller was going to be sent out. This might have been unnecessary but at least I would know what was going on.


After a few back and forth e-mails over a span of two days, I was able to get a replacement for my Grid X Foam Roller sent out. E-mail replies were pretty quick (1 business day or less) and the CSR seemed helpful so those are definite pluses.